Colin Whaley, MD MSc

Internal Medicine Resident Physician, University of Toronto is a website I made to house the various templates and clinical resources I have come across throughout my training. After seeing that a document a preceptor recommended to me was permanently taken offline,  I decided that creating my own self-hosted repository so that documents would always be available. It also allows me to access resources faster – no more logging into Google Drive while a preceptor waits impatiently or waiting for the Google Docs interface to load on slow hospital computers.

I was shocked that the domain wasn't taken when I purchased it! Hosting is free using a service called (think Google Docs meets project management software) and a tool called Fruition.

Occasionally, hospital websites don't like the domain. Accessing it through the alt link provided generally circumvents this.

I update MedTools weekly (and many times much more often than that!). Please get in touch if you have suggestions for other resources to add.