Colin Whaley, MD MSc

Internal Medicine Resident Physician, University of Toronto

Hi, I'm Colin!

I'm an Internal Medicine resident physician at the University of Toronto. I earned my MD from McMaster University, and graduated with an MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Waterloo, where I worked under the supervision of Dr. Kelly Grindrod, researching how to help physicians, pharmacists and patients communicate more clearly and effectively to each other. (You're welcome to read my thesis, but to spoil it a bit, getting people to communicate is quite difficult.) I've also given a TEDx talk on the value of helping older adults use technology.

I have a number of academic interests, including health services research, programming to support vulnerable populations and mixed methods research. I've collected some useful websites to support this work, which I've linked here. I'm also passionate about teaching and public speaking; some of my talks can be viewed here. In my spare time, I attempt to take photos.

Mentorship has played a vital role in shaping my career journey, and I feel incredibly grateful to have learned from some exceptional researchers and clinicians. If you're curious about pursuing graduate school, becoming a doctor, or applying to medical school in Canada, I would love to share my insights and help guide you through the process. Don't hesitate to reach out, and let's schedule a time to chat! Admission to MD programs is challenging, and I know how important knowing someone in medicine can be for success. Additionally, I've put together some valuable resources on how I prepared for medical school interviews, which you can check out here.

More broadly, if we share any interests, please consider following me on Twitter and don't hesitate to get in touch.

Recent Publications

Interventions Associated With Reduced Loneliness and Social Isolation in Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Peter Hoang, James A King, Sarah Moore, Kim Moore, Krista Reich, Harman Sidhu, Chin Vern Tan, Colin Whaley, Jacqueline McMillan

JAMA Network Open, vol. 5, American Medical Association, 2022, pp. e2236676--e2236676

Implementing Technology Literacy Programs in Retirement Homes and Residential Care Facilities: Conceptual Framework

Karen S Li, Nathan Nagallo, Erica McDonald, Colin Whaley, Kelly Grindrod, Karla Boluk

JMIR aging, vol. 5, JMIR Publications Inc., Toronto, Canada, 2022, pp. e34997

Managing the influx: a peer-led session on communication and professionalism in medicine

Colin Whaley, Bradley Murphy, Connie Li, Amanda Bell

McMaster University Medical Journal, vol. 19, 2022, pp. 121--125

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Colin Whaley, MD MSc

Internal Medicine Resident Physician

colin.whaley [at]

Department of Medicine

University of Toronto

As a resident medical doctor and junior researcher passionate about mentorship, I recognize that the quality of my scientific research and the success of my team are inherently tied to my role as a guide. By taking the #MentorFirst Pledge, I am committing to foster professional development, career objectives, and overall well-being of my research colleagues,  enhancing creativity, productivity and joy in our research pursuits.