Colin Whaley, MSc

Medical Student, McMaster University

Communicating Medication Indications

September 19, 2022

Medications can be confusing for patients and clinicians alike. They often have long, challenging-to-prounce names, and can be prescribed for more than one reason.

My master of science in pharmacy thesis comprised of the analysis of 60 interviews, 20 each with prescribers, pharmacists and patients,  looking at their views on adding the reason for use (RFU) for a given medication on the prescription, and on its medication label. 

As a keystone graphic, the following image details the flow of medication information between the prescriber, the patient and the pharmacist, as well as the opportunities to add RFU to it (wRFU).
Images from
Doctor (long hair), prescription, pill bottle,  medication speech bubble (modified): Freepik
Pharmacist, person: itim2101